N2 Applied – plasma technology in farming

N2 Applied – plasma technology in farming

More than 22 million tons of ammonia are lost from livestock farms around the world every year. Lost ammonia means lost fertilizer and is a waste of nutrients and an economic burden for the farmer. The farmer needs to replenish lost nutrients through purchase of expensive, fossil-fuel based nitrogen fertilizer. Today’s industrial fertilizer value chain is costly and harmful to the environment.

N2 Applied has developed a technology to produce nitrogen fertilizer on the farm, through fixing nitrogen from air and reaction with ammonia in manure or biogas digestate. The reaction stops the ammonia losses and increases the nitrogen content in the manure or digestate.

The technology is a plasma reactor that fixates nitrogen from air by splitting the N2 and O2 molecules in air into N and O atoms forming nitrogen oxides. The nitrogen oxides are absorbed into liquid manure or biogas digestate and combined with free ammonia to form ammonium nitrate.

N2’s technology enables the livestock farmer to recycle nitrogen and produce his own fertilizer with lower greenhouse gas emissions, improved resource efficiency and reduced cost.

ScanArc Plasma Technologies encourage the development of this breakthrough technology – a technology that disrupts the fertilizer value chain, changing it from a linear to a circular model.

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