We lead the development in plasma technology

ScanArc plasma systems represent an efficient and environmentally friendly technology for converting electrical energy into hot gas. The technology can be implemented in industrial processes that have a need for hot gas produced without fossil fuels. A typical user has a classic fossil-based technology and is preparing for fossil-reducing process upgrades. With our technology, we contribute to the global ambition to electrify industry.

Plasma systems supplied by ScanArc are in the power range of 100 kW–8000 kW. They are manufactured in-house and assembled at a ScanArc site, with parts delivered from local sub-suppliers and long term partners. All units pass through a quality and performance testing procedure before delivery.

After hardware delivery and supervision of installation, we provide after-sale services, such as the supply of spare parts and the provision of further support and development.

A customer may install their own furnace equipment in our pilot plant for the testing of plasma torches as a heat source. This provides an opportunity to test and verify the technology in a setup that is similar to a real operating environment.


We know recycling

ArcFume is a metallurgical process and an application of our plasma technologies. The ArcFume process can treat challenging by-products where a typical user has a wish to adapt to circular economy demands and zero-waste strategies.

With a high yield, ArcFume enables the recovery of valuable metals, such as zinc, lead, silver, copper, germanium and indium.

In your first contact with us, we will perform a preliminary study to evaluate the feasibility of the ArcFume process, based on your specific needs. The evaluation is made from a technical and economical point of view, and the outcome gives a better understanding of the potential business case.

In pilot plant testing, we can perform scalable tests and evaluate specific materials. The pilot tests have a unique flexibility to perform test programs under various conditions that are not suitable for testing in an industrial unit.

The testing will gather information for basic engineering and subsequent detailed engineering studies. Finally, we will deliver hardware of core equipment for industrial installations.