ScanArc Plasma Torch Technology faccilitates production of Green Lime! A game changer!


ScanArc and SaltX have signed a contract of  Plasma Torch Systems: ScanArc and SaltX/SMA have now the focus to faccilitate project the coming 15 months.

The order emphazise that ScanArc is a wolrd leader of delivering Plasma Torch systems for industrial applications. For the first time ABB is parterning up with ScanArc to deliver the Plasma Torch DC Power Supply.

With use of  Plasma systems from ScanArc the emission of CO2 can be reduced, when use of green electricity. SMA’s  Limstone production can contribute to fulfillmen of  the agenda 2030 goal,

Join the movment!

For more information please see SaltX press release only in Swedish!

SaltX erhåller delbeställning om cirka 70 mkr för leveranser till världens första elektrifierade kalktillverkningsanläggning