Industrial heating systems for sustainability

With applications of metallurgical engineering your business will be more environmentally friend, emit less greenhouse gases and let less amounts of metal go to waste. Sounds like a dream to combine sustainability with productivity and economy, but it’s all possible.

Moving away from fossile fuels with industrial electrifiction

As a company, we’re leading in the plasma recycling technology with plasma systems. Our experience in the field is more than 30 years. Our industrial electrification solutions are flexible and help companies move towards the use of electricity rather than fossil fuels. The technology works for all types of industries.

industrial heating systems

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Do you run an industry or agricultural business and need help lowering the greenhouse gas emissions? We got vast experience from many years in the field. Contact us here and let’s communicate about your need.

Recovery of valuable metals

Our product ArcFume is made for recovery of complex industrial waste. It recovers valuable metals with high yield, such as copper, zinc, silver, lead, germanium and indium. This leads to less percentage of the metal going to waste, and higher metal yield.